French life begins.

September 17, 2014 § 1 Comment

We’ve arrived to our new house at last! My last update was California. Since then we’ve moved between Aspen, boston, New York and Belfast. Phew. So we’re really happy to be settling in for our new life here.

French village life is all I hoped for so far…. Cows with bells, fresh bread in mornings and eclairs for pudding, and a lot of charming houses everywhere.

There’s the other side too of course- a ‘new’ car which has already visited the mechanics about 5 times, endless paperwork, lots of pointing instead of speaking and struggling terribly in my first french lesson – Turns out I really don’t remember much from school! I’ll get there eventually!

Here are some pictures to set the scene for the next three years.










June 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

We spent three weeks in beautiful Santa Barbara. Matthew worked hard while Maisie and I explored, played, relaxed and pretended we were living in paradise forever. I loved the botanic gardens, the beaches, wine country, all of it really. My visit to rose story farm was a big highlight, especially picnicking with the old biddies from the garden club afterwards- lots of cheeky stories behind the powder puff!! There was beauty everywhere, here are just a few photos to give a taster….
















Where have you been?!

May 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

Wow, I’ve been away from the blog for a long time! Well, winter was long and pretty uninspiring. But the sun is out, and everything’s blooming at last!

There are lots of life changes coming up for me, but before that….

Here are some recent pictures, mostly of arrangements made in Bow Street Flowers, and also of a really nice spring garden I saw on the way to work. It was at the Swedenborg chapel, where Emanuel Svedberg’s mystical ideas inspired a religious movement. Kind of interesting!

This was the last mothers day I’ll work in Bow street, as we are moving away soon…. just another couple of weeks left in Boston, then it’s California for our first stop, finishing up in Switzerland in September! I feel really sad to leave here, we’ve had a wonderful three years, made some great friends and had so much fun.  But I’m looking forward to new adventures! The next big challenge is going to be learning some French, then I’m hoping to find someone like Shelley at Bow St to take me under their wing again………



may 2014 032


Valentine’s day

February 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Valentine’s day 2014 working in bow street flowers, featuring roses, garden roses, sweet peas, anemones, lilac, ranunculus, tulips. And lots of snow!








November 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

My favorite new holiday we get to take part in in the US. It’s a great link between Halloween and Christmas. It stops me singing christmas songs in November, something everyone can be thankful for!

Here are just a few photos from this week. Flowers made in Bow Street Flowers, watching the Watertown raiders football game while getting totally frozen, baby friendly flowers to bring to dinner, yummy meal with our friends upstairs, then fire, games and wine. I love this holiday!







Now bring on Christmas!

Apples and pumpkins galore

November 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

We managed to go apple picking at last! I’ve wanted to go since we moved here, and never made it, so it was quite a momentous occasion! Yes we ate apple cider donuts. They were great! We picked loads of apples, way more than we’ll ever eat. But we’re trying hard! My culinary skills are pretty limited, but I did manage to stew some up yesterday which we ate last night with brown sugar and ice-cream in front of Downton abbey. Yum!


This is a floristry blog, so I will also include some flowers in this post! I love the tree pumpkins in this arrangement. I’d never seen these before, so couldn’t resist buying them and testing them out in a couple of arrangements (even though they were from Trader joes and I feel like a traitor to the owners of flower shops everywhere!) I’m hoping this fireplace might be home to a fire soon. Just got to persuade the landlord……


This is a delicate little wreath for the door, just some vibrant bittersweet and Japanese maple I brought home from a walk. I’m on the lookout for other bits to use for my next one. Watch out neighbors!!


Leaves leaves everywhere

October 21, 2013 § 4 Comments

Fall in New england is so gorgeous. Inspired by Maisie’s beautiful ‘artwork’ from nursery (3 leaves stuck on a page), we went on a leaf hunt yesterday just as the sun was going down. I’ve been spotting the best trees all around the neighbourhood hanging over onto the sidewalk, or even better, in the middle of road junctions and by parks, and maybe a graveyard too. So armed with my scissors we went walking.

Leaf hunting

I know they won’t last long, but they do really brighten up the house, and definitely make it feel very Autumnal. The photos below are pretty rubbish, but you get the idea! I think I like them up on the radiator cover the best, but that corner is pretty empty. Hm!

198 (2)


These are not flowers in the house, but I think leaves are close enough – so it’s that time again where we go to Jane’s to see what everyone else is up to at the moment!


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