Floral adventures

October 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

Now that we’re settled in I’m ready to get back to normal. In floristry terms this has meant walking along the country roads, dodging speeding frenchies, pulling weeds and flowers from the side of the ditch, and wishing I had brought my clippers to ‘trim’ some of the lovely foliage and trees! And also wishing I wasn’t wearing so many clothes…. Autumn is so confusing!!


I went to one of the many markets in geneva this week, and was very pleased to find some great local flowers, like these dahlias from Taverny & fils horticulture. Google searches are getting some strange results now as it tries to decipher my weird translations for things. But it seems like there are plenty of local growers in the area!


It was a fun adventure into the city. We got the tram in and had a good explore. I know it’s sacrilege in the land of beautiful pastries, and great ‘cafe’, (and I could post a million photos of Instagram worthy macaroons, mille-feuille, or escargots de raisons), but I just could not resist a Starbucks when we went past. Sometimes you just need that American cinnamon fix!



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