November 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

My favorite new holiday we get to take part in in the US. It’s a great link between Halloween and Christmas. It stops me singing christmas songs in November, something everyone can be thankful for!

Here are just a few photos from this week. Flowers made in Bow Street Flowers, watching the Watertown raiders football game while getting totally frozen, baby friendly flowers to bring to dinner, yummy meal with our friends upstairs, then fire, games and wine. I love this holiday!







Now bring on Christmas!


Apples and pumpkins galore

November 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

We managed to go apple picking at last! I’ve wanted to go since we moved here, and never made it, so it was quite a momentous occasion! Yes we ate apple cider donuts. They were great! We picked loads of apples, way more than we’ll ever eat. But we’re trying hard! My culinary skills are pretty limited, but I did manage to stew some up yesterday which we ate last night with brown sugar and ice-cream in front of Downton abbey. Yum!


This is a floristry blog, so I will also include some flowers in this post! I love the tree pumpkins in this arrangement. I’d never seen these before, so couldn’t resist buying them and testing them out in a couple of arrangements (even though they were from Trader joes and I feel like a traitor to the owners of flower shops everywhere!) I’m hoping this fireplace might be home to a fire soon. Just got to persuade the landlord……


This is a delicate little wreath for the door, just some vibrant bittersweet and Japanese maple I brought home from a walk. I’m on the lookout for other bits to use for my next one. Watch out neighbors!!


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