Boy does it feel like the end of summer

September 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s the end of summer. I’ve just realized. Tonight I’m packing to fly home to Ireland tomorrow night for my best friends wedding. (By packing I really mean thinking about packing, having a beer and listening to music.) It feels cold tonight. It’s quite nice having a definite end to the season by flying off, but I’m already sad for the long days in the sun, the nights on the porch, and being outside all the time! But what a great summer.



This summer we discovered that the beach can be pretty hard with a baby/toddler, but that bluegrass festivals are brilliant, especially if theres a river to cool off in. Miss Maisie has gone from sliding to crawling to running. Crazy! I’ve started fiddling and doing yoga again, and the garden was really fun and satisfying. It’s still going strong, or at least it’s trying to, that’s if the ground hog doesn’t get it first……. He likes to take a big bite out of vegetables, then leave them dangling on their stalk, or to eat all the new pea or zucchini shoots as they come up. GR!


The cosmos did really well. They must require no special care!


Well, I just hope the ground hog isn’t too hungry while I’m gone. If I was him I’d head on over to plot 43…….. Looks much tastier than mine.


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