Boxes, mops, cats and flowers… a busy week!

July 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Last week was a crazy week of moving house. In the middle of the mess I had the chance to take a break and make a bouquet for a 20th wedding anniversary. It was fun to catch my breath and enjoy being in the new house. When I delivered the arrangement I got to meet two beautiful siamese cats and discuss some wedding flowers. One of the cats (Sophie I think) even sat on my knee….it made my day! It was a bit of a rush getting the flowers, but for this arrangement I used some roses, cala lilies, freesia, local zinnias, snapdragons and of course some greens I found down by the river mixed in with the the ‘official’ greens.


In among all the moving I completely ignored my garden for a few days in the heat, and it paid me back…. some of the pea vines were completely scorched, and a ground hog (I think) has been having a good munch on the broccolli plants. Im so annoyed with myself!! But on the other hand, the rest is still growing great on its own, and we’ve been eating carrots, peas, lots of lettuce, squash and zuccinni, and I found my first sweet pea flower blooming! In other news, I am an Auntie again!

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